Landscaping plays a significant role in establishing your property’s curb appeal and creating an inviting atmosphere. With the right outdoor construction team, you can elevate your landscape design and transform your yard into a unique, personalized space.

With so many options, it can be difficult to know what the best course of action is. However, a commonly overlooked area of landscape design can help your property stand out: outdoor water feature construction.

In this article, MKW Services’s outdoor construction experts discuss different types of water feature design and explore how they can transform your landscaping. We highlight timeless design options and discuss their viability for different yards.

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Water Feature Construction?

Outdoor water features like fountains and bird baths have numerous benefits, including boosting curb appeal and property value. They also have aesthetic benefits and help distinguish your home’s landscape design.

Water features can also attract wildlife, and ponds and waterfalls can operate as self-contained ecosystems. Running water can also mask unwanted noise pollution and create a serene, calming atmosphere that transforms your plain yard into a private, peaceful oasis.

Overall, water features have the following advantages:

  • They’re a low-maintenance landscaping option.
  • They can create a relaxing atmosphere and help emulate the feeling of being in nature.
  • Attracting wildlife like birds, butterflies, and small animals.
  • They mask noise pollution and purify the air.
  • They can benefit the environment and help local ecosystems flourish.
  • They add value and unique character to your property.

Are Outdoor Water Features Viable on Every Property?

Although outdoor water features can benefit most properties, they’re not viable for every yard or landscape.

Without ample space, larger features like ponds and waterfalls cannot be installed safely and may result in water damage to your home. Properties with limited square footage or irregular shapes can also struggle to accommodate those features safely.

Another consideration is the type of terrain and slope of the land for the water feature. Without level ground, construction can be challenging, and the feature can face problems with drainage. Finally, without easy access to utilities like electricity and plumbing, water feature costs can skyrocket, and their viability can be challenged.

Working with an established outdoor construction team can help you determine the feasibility of installing a water feature and understand how to work within the limits of your property.

Timeless Water Feature Designs

Outdoor water features have remained a popular part of landscape design. Whether as part of an architectural garden, a standout feature on your front lawn, or as a means of creating a backyard oasis, water features provide a visual and auditory appeal that makes them a lauded choice for homeowners.

Some of the best, most popular water features available include the following:


Fountains and aquascapes provide an excellent blend of style and function when adding a water feature to your property. Fountains can be a focal point for your landscape design and come in a wide range of styles suitable for diverse landscape aesthetics. They can be customized, including plants and decorative rocks that add unique design characteristics to your home.

Fountains can have tiered designs and minimalist water walls, complementing other aquatic and hardscaping elements on your property. Fountains are more classic and add elegance to your property. They can be placed in front of your house or the backyard and appeal broadly.

Pondless Waterfalls

If your property has limited outdoor space, investing in a pondless waterfall can offer a compact, convenient solution. As a non-traditional water feature, pondless waterfalls can be installed in tight spaces, creating a dramatic, eye-catching effect without digging a pond or basin at its base.

They’re a popular choice for homeowners in cities and busy neighbourhoods because they recirculate their water through a self-contained reservoir, eliminating the need for a large body of water in your yard. Pondless waterfalls are also low maintenance, as they don’t face challenges like algae buildup or water clarity.

They’re a striking design feature that will help your property stand out.


Ponds are among the most popular and versatile types of outdoor water features. They offer homeowners a range of benefits and can transform a plain backyard into a serene aquatic oasis. Ponds can be surrounded by marine plants and transform your backyard from a patch of grass into a lush paradise.

Beyond pure aesthetics, ponds can also support diverse aquatic life, including koi, goldfish, frogs, and aquatic plants. They can also attract wildlife like birds and dragonflies, further enhancing the biodiversity of your property.

With flexible options for size, shape, and depth, there’s sure to be a pond design to suit your landscaping and aesthetic preferences.

Bird Baths

Another classic outdoor water feature is a bird bath. Bird baths look similar to fountains but have the added bonus of attracting local birds and providing them with a source of drinking and bathing water.

Bird baths are a great option for homeowners looking to attract wildlife and support local populations. With the right design and incorporation of vegetation and plant life, your bird bath can be a standout design feature, as well as an attraction for birds and other wildlife.

Water Feature Construction Can Boost Property Values

Although landscaping is not always top of mind for homeowners, water features and outdoor construction can significantly elevate your home’s aesthetics. Water features can improve your landscape design while positively impacting local ecosystems and boosting biodiversity.

With the right outdoor construction team, you can create a one-of-a-kind space that serves as a personal oasis and gives you a piece of nature in your backyard.

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