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Deck Construction

Invest in a deck that’s built to last and looks great. MKW Services is the residential and commercial deck building contractor of choice. Our team of experienced deck builders will help you draft, build, and finish the perfect deck for your home or business. Best of all, we pair fast work with hard work so that you can sit back and enjoy the top-of-the-line quality of your new deck without having to wait.

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deck construction

Why is it Important to Invest in a New Deck?

Investing in a new deck is an excellent option for homeowners looking to enhance property values and get the most out of outdoor living spaces. Outdated decks can be an eyesore and pose a danger when used, as rotted and splintered boards can result in people falling, slipping, and unintentionally harming themselves.

New decks provide a functional area for entertaining friends, relaxing on the weekend, and enjoying the outdoors. They also serve as attractive features that can improve the aesthetics and value of your home. When built by our professionals using high-quality materials, new decks can provide a safe, accessible outdoor space for families and become a hub for get-togethers that last for generations.

How Long Does Deck Construction Take?

Several factors impact the length of a deck's construction, including the complexity of the design, the availability of materials, and the ability to secure permits. If everything goes according to plan, simple, one-story decks can be completed in a few weeks.

However, complex projects like multi-story walkouts and elevated terraces can take several weeks and potentially months to complete, as they require securing permits and careful construction to ensure structural stability. The construction process of decks, like digging a foundation and laying boards, does not take long. It's the creation of custom designs, securing permits, and ordering materials from manufacturers that add significant time to the process.

MKW Services's Deck Construction Process

Over our many years of service, we've developed a streamlined process to improve the quality and efficiency of our deck construction. You can count on our team to work diligently to support your needs and create beautiful, long-lasting decks that help you embrace your time in the great outdoors.

Here's what we offer:

  • Comprehensive deck design consultations
  • Site visits and property assessments
  • Careful planning and recommendations
  • Code-compliant construction
  • Follow-ups and safety inspections

Deck Safety Features

Creating robust safety features and maintaining structural soundness is paramount to success when building a new deck. Whether you're investing in a multi-story deck, a pool deck, or a standalone gazebo, stringent safety regulations and procedures need to be followed to ensure your deck can withstand extreme weather and last you for years.

Our team takes a safety-first approach to deck creation, and when you work with us, you can expect the following:

  • Installing railings for decks over 30 inches above ground level and ensuring proper railing height to align with building codes (usually 36-42 inches). We also ensure railings have graspable handrails.
  • Proper stair dimensions, including a maximum rise of 7-8 inches and a minimum tread depth of 10 inches.
  • Using high-quality materials from reputable manufacturers, such as pressure-treated lumber, joists, and beams sized based on load calculations and a sturdy ledger board to secure the deck to your home.
  • Footings installed below the frost line to provide a stable foundation throughout the year.

With the right safety features, your deck can comfortably accommodate children and older people. Code compliance is also essential for getting approvals from local authorities and can streamline the process overall.

Hassle-Free Low Maintenance Decking

Our decking solutions allow you to enjoy your outdoor space without the endless upkeep demanded by poorly built decks. Our low-maintenance decking solutions mean more lounging and less time working on your deck.

Investing in a low-maintenance deck from our team can save you money by reducing the need for constant repairs and replacements. We offer a variety of materials, such as composite, vinyl, and PVC, that are resistant to mold, mildew, and rot. Compared to traditional wood decking, these durable materials also require minimal cleaning and maintenance.

To learn more about our range of deck options, please get in touch with our team today!

Meeting All Building Codes for Deck Construction

When it comes to deck construction, safety is our top priority. Our deck builders will ensure that all local and national building codes are met during construction. This ensures your deck is structurally sound and built to last.

We also consider any unique requirements or restrictions for your property, such as slope of land, proximity to water sources, or size restrictions. By meeting all building codes, we provide you with the peace of mind that your deck is safe for you and your family to enjoy.

Explore Our Successful Deck Construction Projects

To receive an idea of our work, check out our portfolio of successful deck construction projects. You can browse through our gallery of photos and see the quality and attention to detail that goes into each project.

These examples can also be an inspiration for your own deck design. Let us know what you like, and we can incorporate it into your custom deck.

The Deck Building Company You Can Trust

With years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on being a reputable and trustworthy deck building company. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and high-quality workmanship on every project. We understand that investing in a deck is a big decision, and we want to ensure you feel confident throughout the process.

With our expertise and commitment to safety, you can trust that your deck will turn out exactly as you envisioned. We also offer warranties on our work and use the best materials available to ensure a durable and long-lasting deck.

Our Process



Have you checked out our Instant Quote Calculators? After a request for a consultation we will set up a time to discuss your project wishes.


Site Visit

We will schedule a time to visit your location to discuss your plans, see your space, and schedule the build! How Exciting!


Plan & Build

Sit back and let our team of experience experts bring your imagination to life.



The most anticpated time of the season!! Relax or entertain in your new backyard oasis!


We Offer More Than Just Decks

Here at MKW Services, we believe in your investment! We build with Composite, Cedar, and Pressure Treated wood to give you the best quality deck for the best possible price. We work within your budget to help you create an outside living space that can help to increase curb appeal as well as home value.


Deck Design & Build

We will help you design the deck of your dreams, and then bring those dreams to reality. Using budget friendly and good quality materials, we can make decks of all shapes and sizes. We take into account the cost, size , shape and placement of your deck while helping you design the deck that best suits your needs.


Pergolas & Gazebos

For some outside space away from the house, a Pergola or Gazebo is a great option! Both can provide some shade and shelter from the elements while creating an enticing backyard lounge area that’s perfect for outside entertaining and relaxation.


Deck Lighting

The proper deck lighting adds safety to your outside space as well as an air of ambiance. With our different lighting options that suit all styles, we can ensure you have a great space to enjoy at night time as well as during the day.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is generally made with either wood flour, PVC, polyethylene, crushed minerals or a polypropylene blend. This material cuts as well as wood and comes in a variety of patterns and colours.

  • Maintains Appearance For Years
  • Lowest Maintenance Decking
  • Variety of Colour and Style Decks
  • Rustic Barn Board Options
  • Match Your Existing Home Style
  • Increase The Value of Your Home
  • Decades Of Enjoyment

Cedar Decking

Why Cedar Decking?

Cedar is a common and durable wood, making it an ideal candidate for any deck project. The look and smell of this wood will provide you with the feeling of nature. It usually contains knots, giving it that great look of perfect imperfection. Pressure treated wood uses copper-based compounds to help prevent fungus to build up on wood which the tiniest bit of moisture can cause on plain wood.

  • Amazing Natural Wood Smell
  • No Stain or Paint Needed
  • Resilient & Durable Wood
  • Lower Maintenance Wood
  • Natural Stabilizing Properties
  • Cedar Natural Bug Resistance

Pressure Treated Decking

A great option for any outside project is pressure treated wood. Pressure treated wood is a wood that has been injected at high pressure by preservatives to ensure long lasting years that will stand up to whatever life throws at it.

  • Lower Up Front Cost
  • Great for Rental Properties
  • Natural and Earthy Appeal
  • Natural Bug Repellant
  • Moisture & Rot Resistant
  • Versatility to Paint or Stain

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Accurate Quotes for Deck Building

We take pride in offering our clients accurate quotes that they can trust from conception to completion. No surprises. No hidden fees. Just reliable and honest service estimates.

We will work closely with you to determine the design, type, dimensions, and materials needed for your deck. We always aim to stick to the budget, and if compromises need to be made, you’ll be the first person to know. Communication and transparency come first at MKW Services.

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Design Your Deck

What does your perfect deck look like? Does it reach around your home? Is there space for a barbecue, dinner table, and deck chairs? Is it fenced in and lined with benches or completely open for easy access?

We will help you build a deck that meets the needs of you and everyone that uses it. As a leading deck building company, our experts know what works and what doesn’t. They will be able to offer constructive advice and will be there to answer all of your questions. It’s your vision, and we’re here to make it a reality.

Choose Your Deck Materials

Our expert craftspeople are qualified to work with a wide range of materials. Rather than allowing the cost of materials to influence your decision, we strongly advise you to consider the functional factors. In the end, durability and resistance to pest damage or rot may offset the initial deck installation costs.

Most decks are constructed with a combination of materials. For example, on a deck that uses a PVC decking surface, we may still use pressure-treated wood for the posts and support beams. Choosing the right materials means working with the restraints of your property, your budget, and your needs.

The most commonly used decking materials are:

  • Pressure-Treated Lumber
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Composite
  • PVC

Get in touch with us to learn more about which material is best suited for your needs.

 5year warranty  lifetime warranty

Deck Upgrades

Deck Lighting

Elevate your outdoor living with MKW Services. Do you want ambient lighting, lights outfitted with dimming capabilities, or something eclectic? The choice is yours.

We can hep you select the best lighting options for your deck to extend your enjoyment long into the evening hours.

Some of the options you might want to consider include the following:

  • Deck Lighting
  • Step Lights
  • Side-mount lights
  • Rail lights
  • …and more

Privacy Walls

We’ve built many privacy walls, helping our clients reinvent their outdoor spaces with functional and visually pleasing structures.

Enjoy the peace and quiet, along with satisfaction of privacy from prying neighbors. Our experienced team ensure both privacy and aesthetic sophistication in crafting these walls.


MKW Services specialize in exquisite crafting pergolas to elevate your outdoor spaces. Our range includes outdoor pergolas, patio pergolas and garden pergolas, each meticulously designed to enhance the aesthetics of your environment. For professional installation of outdoor pergolas, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We build beautiful porches that bring your outdoor spaces to life. Our builders can design and construct a porch that complements the style of your home and offers you a relaxing area to enjoy the outdoors. From screened porches to open porches, we can create the perfect space for you and your family to unwind.


As part of our deck upgrades, we also offer staircase construction. Having a sturdy and visually appealing staircase is essential for the safety and functionality of your deck. Our team can design a staircase that fits seamlessly into your deck and makes it easy to access.


Enhance the safety and style of your outdoor spaces with custom railings. This often-overlooked element is crucial for the functionality of your deck and provides an extra layer of protection for your family and guests. With our expert craftsmanship, we can create railings that add to the overall design of your deck while providing optimal safety.

Your Local Deck Contractor

For many years we have been rated as the region’s top pool deck contractor and deck building contractor for homeowners and business owners. Call us now to speak with one of our representatives. We offer no-obligation consultations and hope that you’ll take advantage of them.

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