Residential Water Features in Richmond Hill

We’re proud to be the number one, most trusted company for the design and installation of water features in Richmond Hill. If you’re interested in investing in water features to wow your guests, boost your curb appeal, and increase your market value, call us today at (905) 716-5635 to talk to an agent and make an appointment!

The Beautiful Water Features Available to Richmond Hill

Many water feature types are available to our gorgeous region. While we make sure our website is as updated as possible, it’s always a good idea to call us to make sure that you’re getting a real-time update on how many of the following features we currently have on-hand. Our features all undergo an extensive vetting process, so that we’re totally sure we’re bringing you the best deals with the best materials, as well as contractors who really go above and beyond. There may also be some features available that aren’t listed below!

Patio Fountains

The only thing that could make your patio more beautiful, is a patio with a gorgeous water fountain. Are you looking to install a patio with the fountain built-in from the beginning, or are you interested in updating your pre-existing patio with a fully functional fountain? This kind of undertaking is tricky, but always rewarding. Call us today at (905) 716-5635 for more information about what we can do for your patio!

Garden Water Features

The garden is often the most beautiful part of a landscape, full of investments to truly make you proud of your property. A water feature can have a practical function as well as an aesthetic one, to help water your flowers or otherwise back up your irrigation system. A garden water feature is also stunning when it stands alone!

Backyard Water Fountains

Nothing quite brings your backyard to the next level the way a backyard water fountain can. We’re proud to specialize in this kind of upgrade! It’s time to give your guests a truly magical impression of your backyard.


Ponds and moving streams can be a small accent or a huge statement piece, depending on your vision. Call us for more details.


Waterfalls are a magnificent addition to any residential property. MKW Services is delighted to be able to specialize in waterfalls for your backyard, front yard, and more. We’re proud to offer design, engineering, and installation services to make each step of this process as easy as it can be! Call us today for more information.

Choose MKW Services For Residential Water Features

We’re so happy to offer you the best engineering, design, and installation services for water features in Richmond Hill. Whether you’re looking for a small and understated water feature like an accent fountain or a pond, or you’re interested in one of our grand-falling outdoor wall fountains, we’re sure we can match you with a design and installation team that will go above and beyond your expectations, with your budget in mind every step of the way. Call us today!