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Protect the quality, safety, and longevity of your next construction project by partnering with MKW Services for your post holes. We’re an Aurora-based contracting team you can trust for cost-effective, code-compliant, and timely solutions tailored to projects of all varieties. Whether you’re planning to install a new fence, deck, or decorative garden structure, we’re the post hole specialists you can count on to ensure our work is completed to the highest safety and industry standards.

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What Does a Post Hole Company Do?

As a professional post hole company, MKW Services specializes in drilling and excavating holes for various construction projects. This includes fence posts, deck supports, light poles, signs, and other structures that require a secure foundation.

These holes are essential for your projects’ stability and overall success, as they provide a strong base for the structure to be built upon. Without properly dug post holes, your construction project could face unevenness, instability, or even collapse.

Do You Need a Permit to Dig Post Holes?

In most locations, digging post holes requires a permit from the local government. This ensures proper safety measures are taken and that no underground utilities or pipes are damaged during the digging process.

Our professional post hole company will handle the permit process for you and ensure all necessary precautions are taken before starting the excavation.

What Are the Different Types of Post Holes?

You’ll need to choose from several types of post holes, depending on your project’s needs and specifications.

These include:

  • Standard round post holes: These are the most common type of post holes used for fence posts and basic structures.
  • Square or rectangular post holes: These may be needed for more complex structures, such as decks or light poles. They provide a more secure and stable base for these structures.
  • Custom-shaped post holes: For unique or unconventional projects, a professional post hole company can also create custom-shaped holes to fit specific requirements.

Post Hole Digging Services

We recommend contacting Ontario One Call to have locates completed ahead of our post hole digging services. These must be available and onsite before drilling or digging begins. This free, easy-to-schedule service makes identifying and avoiding underground utilities and other hazards or critical infrastructure a breeze.

Our hole-digging expertise covers:

  • Drilling only (up to 48 inches deep): Our drilling-only services require you to mark post locations and supply the posts.
  • Drilling, pouring, and setting fencing posts: This service requires you to supply posts and mark the location for each hole. We’ll provide the hole drilling, pouring, and setting services for posts that require holes measuring 8 inches, 10 inches, or 12 inches. Drilling to greater depths is possible for an additional fee.
  • Drilling and pouring deck footings (up to 48 inches): Our deck footing services require you to mark the hole locations and supply the saddles and sonotubes. Holes can be 10 inches or 12 inches or customized to your project for an additional fee.

We recommend consulting with us to learn more about how to streamline our services with approval from your project inspector. Additional fees will be required if we have to delay the pour to wait for inspector approval or return to complete the work later.

Our Post Hole Drilling Equipment Requires a 42 Inch Clearance

We require a 42-inch clearance to operate our post hole drilling equipment safely. When this clearance isn’t possible, look to us for hand-digging services to solve the problem.

How Long Does It Take to Dig a Post Hole?

Digging a post hole can take a few minutes to several hours. Generally, a standard 8-inch wide and 2-foot deep hole for a fence post can be dug in 15-30 minutes with a manual post hole digger. However, if the soil is rocky or compacted, it may take longer.

What Happens After Post Hole Drilling?

Once the post holes are dug, there are several steps that need to be taken before the project can move forward.

These include:

  • Clearing the hole of any debris or loose soil.
  • Measuring and adjusting the depth and width of the hole according to specifications.
  • Adding any necessary reinforcement or support, such as concrete footings or rebar.
  • Checking for proper alignment and levelness.
  • Securing the posts in place with braces or temporary supports, if needed.

How Much Does Digging a Post Hole Cost?

Digging a post hole is often a straightforward task, but the cost can vary depending on several factors. The depth and diameter of the hole, the soil type, and the equipment used all play a role in determining the overall cost.

Professional contractors typically charge by the hour or per hole, factoring in labor and equipment expenses. While the exact cost may fluctuate, proper planning and understanding of the project’s scope can help you budget effectively.

If you need post holes dug on your property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a no-risk estimate. Once we understand the scope of your project, we’ll be able to advise you on the specific costs of your project.

Choose an Experienced Post Hole Company

We’re a post hole company with plenty of local experience and a deep understanding of our local building codes and safety requirements. In addition to providing solid holes to set the footings for your next build, we offer old footing and fence post removal options.

Talk to our team to find out how we’ll tailor our services to your project, help you eliminate downtime, and keep your project within your budget.

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